Orthopaedics is the medical specialty that takes care of diseases and deformities of bones, muscles, ligaments and joints, i.e. related to the musculoskeletal apparatus. One of its important fields is sports trauma, with specific injuries within each modality. The medical problems in the shoulder and elbow are therefore more frequent in contact sports or pitchers, such as in volleyball, basket, handball, tennis, golf, etc., namely instabilities, SLAP lesions and recurrent dislocation of the shoulder. In older ages, most lesions arise from degeneration and ageing, the most frequent of which involving the rotator cuff tendons (rupture, tendinopathy), or even shoulder arthritis.

Currently, with the evolution of diagnostic techniques (imaging exams) and treatment (arthroscopy, arthroplasty / prosthesis), Orthopaedics natural way is towards subspecialization. This means the Orthopaedic Surgeon tends to dedicate almost exclusively to a particular area of pathology or disease, ensuring the highest expertise in that area. For this reason, we offer the one with shoulder and elbow complaints who seeks us in the Porto region a proper orientation.


Dr. Nuno Sampaio Gomes is an MD in Orthopaedics, with a special dedication to shoulder and elbow musculoskeletal problems. He provides with a protocoled orientation from clinical examination to treatment, be it conservative or surgical, sustained by the most appropriate imaging studies.

In order to offer each patient the quickest solution, Dr. Nuno Sampaio Gomes performs, when indicated, a shoulder ultrasound so as to confirm or exclude the diagnostic suspicion that follows the clinical examination done immediately before. It’s a procedure that is integrated in his Orthopaedics outpatient clinics consultation, not common in Portugal, which is performed if indicated and according to the availability of the US device.


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